Four teams enter the Business Incubation Program



Four teams enter the Business Incubation Program

The Tanzania Flying Lab is happy to report that on August 24th four teams were selected, from amongst more than 20 applicants, to enter Tanzania Flying Labs’ “Drones-as-a-Service” Business Incubation Program!

It is worth noting that we received many excellent ideas. However, the four below stood out from the rest due to their practical yet innovative idea, the diversity of their team, and their overall application.

The four drones as a service businesses are:

Zanzibar Drone Academy – Drone & GIS training
Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Hafidh, Ibrahim Ahmad Abdallah, Abdallah Uwesu Abubakar, Mohammed Hafidh Said

Agrinfo Company Ltd. – Drone agrosensors
Rose Peter Funja, Khatibu Abdi, Rahim Hussein

AgriInfo - P4 TZ

Disaster Management Society – Flood risk management
Ibrahim Khalid Salum, Hafife Ali Mussa, Rajad Said Moh’d

iSurvey Co. Ltd. – Surveying for electrical supply
Timothy Philimon, Livingstone Barnabas, Joseph Kihinga, Bahati Elias

iSurvey co - TZP4

Our congratulations to these four teams! Now they will now go on to take part in our five week mentoring and incubation program. Under the guidance of experts in engineering, technology and business they’ll work closely with us to build a viable business plan and will be taught the in’s and out’s of what one needs to run a business.

More to come!