Webinar Introducing Tanzania Flying Labs Coordinator



Webinar Introducing Tanzania Flying Labs Coordinator

On November 30th WeRobotics hosted a webinar to introduce our Tanzania Flying Labs coordinator, Yussuf Said Yussuf, who spoke about his role in WeRobotics as well as some of the projects that he is working on. Yussuf first told us a bit about his background and how he got involved in robotics and flying drones. He then spoke about the recent post-earthquake drone flights that he carried out with the WeRobotics team in Bukoba, Tanzania, and the current work he is doing for the Zanzibar Mapping Initiative.

Yussuf concluded his presentation by explaining a few of the challenges that face the introduction of drones and robotics into the region, and also what he hopes to accomplish through Tanzania Flying Labs.

You can watch the full webinar in the Youtube playlist below. For information on our future webinars, be sure to join our Google Group.